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Find the perfect solution for your scaffolding project with Max Scaffold Products Limited. Our experts have more than 60 years of experience working within the scaffolding industry, both as scaffolders and as proprietors of their own companies.

Throughout the years, our first-hand experience in all areas of scaffolding has taught us much about what works and what doesn’t. With a head full of ideas, we formed Max in order to introduce new and unique products that simplify scaffolding operations.

Innovative Product Designs

Our unparalleled range incorporates all the strengths of existing products and offers new improvements aimed at reducing overall costs and maximizing the safety of scaffolders and end-users alike. Our goal is to make the scaffolding process as smooth as possible.

Max benefits from its own in-house designer, who played a leading role in the development of recent innovations in the scaffolding industry. We created a product aimed directly at the safety of scaffolders working at height.

This product is currently growing in use throughout the industry thanks to its flawless functionality. Our designer has employed his extensive design knowledge and grasp of material sciences to create products that are perfect for you.

The Magical Max One-Piece Plastic Brick Guard

The first of our product line, the Max One-Piece Plastic Brick Guard, was released in September 2012 and became an immediate hit with many scaffolding contractors. This was due to the product’s unique design, which removed the issues associated with similar plastic brick guards previously available, please see products page for more details.

As with all our products, we constructed the Max One-Piece Plastic Brick Guard while paying close attention to current standards and legislation throughout all stages of development. This ensured that our resulting product is both safe and fit for purpose.

First-Rate Scaffolding Supplies

Here at Max Scaffold Products Limited, we specialize in producing readily available, high-quality products that you can rely on using state-of-the art UK facilities that run only energy efficient machines. Our expertise in manufacturing means you always get exactly the product you need for an unbeatable price.

Contact Max Scaffold Products Limited in Bicester, Oxfordshire, on 08448 702420 or send us an email at sales@max-sp.co.uk for more information on the wide range of exciting products and services we offer.

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Max News Section

31/07/16 NEWS FLASH.

Cheap copies of the UK's FAVOURITE Plastic Brick guard discovered on sale in Hampshire.

Max Scaffold Products can now confirm protection has been enforced and the sale of the reported counterfeit brick guards successfully stopped. 

KIER. Code blue for Health & Safety. Max one-piece brickguards used by Modus Access were highlighted on the recent Kier safety report.

Report content: A Layher system scaffold constructed by Modus is being used to envelope the building to provide access for all roofworks. A covered sliding roof system has been incorporated to protect the Old Hall during works. The system has been expertly erected with some very good details;

-New MAX one-piece plastic brick guards

-Fan covering pedestrian entrances

-Clean level walkways with infills on inside

Whilst this system is in place on site it would benefit other projects to visit site and view the structure for future works.

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