Environmentally-Friendly Scaffold Brick Guards in Oxfordshire

Trust that all our scaffolding supplies are made with careful consideration for the environment. Our products use 100% recycled polypropylene, relying on trusted suppliers who have formulated the correct blend of polymer and modifiers to produce materials that endure in the commercial scaffolding environment.

The Max One-Piece Plastic Brick Guard

Working together with our suppliers, we aim to increase the standard colour range over the coming months, giving a wider choice to our customers. Our current range of colour options include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green

By promoting a sustainable process and keeping plastics out of landfills, we’re doing our part to preserve energy and natural resources needed to create virgin plastics, such as water and petroleum. Did you know that recycling one tonne of plastic saves 7.4 cubic metres of landfill space?

Virgin Polypropylene

Virgin polypropylene is sometimes the only option for achieving high-visibility colours, such as yellow or signal red. These bright colours are required to highlight certain areas of scaffolding, such as loading towers or staircase access.

Where this is the case, we source virgin polypropylene from within the UK. Rest easy knowing that all Max brick guards made from this virgin material are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

While there is currently no mandatory need to mark plastics in the UK, all Max brick guards carry the standard identification mark for polypropylene: a number five inside a triangle. This identification enables easy recycling for all Max brick guards – possibly into even more Max brick guards!

Fuel-Conscious Deliveries

Fuel Conscious Deliveries

Count on us for eco-conscious delivery options. We know that fuel consumption adds to environmental concerns and are taking steps to reduce our own usage. Once orders are confirmed, all Max brick guards are shipped directly from the production facility to the customer via either company transport for complete loads or pallet line for smaller deliveries. Wherever we’re able, we make use of multi-drop or back-load options to reduce fuel consumption.

Our company continually works to minimise the impact of our business activities on natural resources. Rest assured that all our products are both dependable and environmentally-conscious.

Contact Max Scaffold Products limited on 08448 702420 for recyclable scaffolding brick guards that are both reliable and environmentally-friendly. Alternatively, email us at sales@max-sp.co.uk for more information on our products.

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Max News Section

31/07/16 NEWS FLASH.

Cheap copies of the UK's FAVOURITE Plastic Brick guard discovered on sale in Hampshire.

Max Scaffold Products can now confirm protection has been enforced and the sale of the reported counterfeit brick guards successfully stopped. 

KIER. Code blue for Health & Safety. Max one-piece brickguards used by Modus Access were highlighted on the recent Kier safety report.

Report content: A Layher system scaffold constructed by Modus is being used to envelope the building to provide access for all roofworks. A covered sliding roof system has been incorporated to protect the Old Hall during works. The system has been expertly erected with some very good details;

-New MAX one-piece plastic brick guards

-Fan covering pedestrian entrances

-Clean level walkways with infills on inside

Whilst this system is in place on site it would benefit other projects to visit site and view the structure for future works.

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